U.S. market – Non-Tesla car dealers selling EVs more than triple; non-Tesla new EV market share up 800 percent

This indicates a substantial surge in the presence and popularity of non-Tesla electric vehicles within the automotive market. The growth in both the number of dealerships and market share suggests increasing acceptance and demand for electric vehicles beyond the offerings of Tesla. It reflects a broader trend toward the adoption of electric vehicles across various brands and dealerships.

  1. Overall Growth in EV Dealerships:
    • The percentage of new car dealers (excluding Tesla dealerships) selling electric vehicles increased significantly from 16.5% in November 2020 to 55.1% in November 2023.
    • The percentage of used car dealers selling EVs also grew, though not as dramatically, from 17.1% to 29.4% during the same period.
  2. Factors Affecting Dealer Participation:
    • Automotive brands not offering electric models may contribute to the 44.9% of new car dealers that still don’t sell EVs.
    • Even among brands with at least one electric model, only 73.5% of new car dealers offer EVs, indicating other factors influencing dealers’ reluctance to carry EVs for sale.
    • On the used car side, over 70% of dealers still didn’t sell used EVs in November 2023.
  3. Dealer Size Impact:
    • Larger dealerships are more likely to sell EVs, with the percentage of new car dealers selling EVs increasing with the size of the dealership.
    • Smaller dealerships have rapidly increased their EV participation but still lag significantly behind larger dealerships.
  4. Market Share Growth:
    • Non-Tesla EV market share has more than doubled every year since 2020.
    • Non-Tesla EVs now represent approximately half of all new EV sales in the U.S.
    • Used EV market share has more than tripled in the past three years.
  5. Regional Variances:
    • Delaware, Rhode Island, and Hawaii lead in the percentage of new car dealers selling EVs, while Montana, Wyoming, and Mississippi have the smallest percentage.
    • Idaho, Montana, and West Virginia have seen significant growth in the percentage of new car dealers selling EVs.
  6. Top and Bottom Metro Areas:
    • Milwaukee, WI; Portland, OR; and Los Angeles, CA have the highest percentage of new car dealers selling EVs in the top 50 metro areas.
    • Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC; Oklahoma City, OK; and Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC have the lowest percentage of new car dealers selling EVs in the top 50 metro areas.
  7. Used EV Dealership Growth:
    • West Virginia, Mississippi, and Wyoming have the fastest growth in the percentage of used car dealers selling EVs.
    • California, Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon are approaching 50% used EV dealer share.
  8. Market Growth Challenges:
    • Market conditions, including higher interest rates and general economic concerns, may be dampening demand for electric cars, potentially causing some dealers to avoid retailing them.

These trends suggest a positive shift in the adoption and availability of electric vehicles, with more dealers across the country engaging in the EV market. The report indicates a broader acceptance of EVs beyond Tesla and highlights the increasing diversity of electric vehicle offerings in both new and used car markets.

Source: iseecar.com non tesla car dealers study

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