Singapore’s Total number of EV increased by 40% to 11000 in 2023

More and more Singapore’s vehicle owners are switch to EV, compare to 2022, there are around 11,000 EVs on the road, which is 40% increased.

Total Number of Registered Vehicles was reported at 850,833 Unit in Nov 2023, and EV only contribute about 1.3% of total number of registered vehicles in Singapore.

According to survey done by one of the main car dealerships in Singapore of 250 car buyers, only 22 % had ever looked into EV, and 7% have no idea what an EV is. So far 50% of them, know that EV powered by battery. Main concern when owner considering EV is where to charge their vehicle as most of them are worried about running out of power while traveling aka “range anxiety”.

According to data from Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA), there are around 4,900 EV charging points across Singapore, with 60,000 EV chargers expected to be ready by 2030.

Car dealerships are confident that the demand for EVs will increase in Singapore, as the variety of brands and models offered increases.

Singapore is rated as quite ready to switch to electric vehicles, due to strong government support.

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