3521Rotary Club of Taiwan, 2023 Rotary Taipei City Creative Charity Road Run, thousands of people responded enthusiastically and started running! GAMA enthusiastically sponsors and participates!

The “2023 Rotary Taipei Urban Creative Charity Run” kicked off in front of the Presidential Office on November 26th.

This event marks the prelude to the “2026 Rotary International Convention” in Taipei. Themed “Creating Hope for the World,” the race was divided into a competitive 12.5-kilometer category and a leisurely 3-kilometer category, attracting approximately 10,000 participants. The proceeds from the event will be donated to social welfare services, highlighting the spirit of love and sharing, becoming a force for creating hope in the world.

Runners in both the 12.5-kilometer and 3-kilometer races started gradually at 6 a.m. On the event day, Taipei International Rotary Annual Meeting Host Organizing Committee (HOC) Chairman, Mr. Hsieh San-Lian, Rotary International President-Elect (RIPE) Stephanie Urchick, along with District Governors from Rotary’s six regions, including DG Huang Gui-Xiang (District 3481), DG Chuang Tzu-Hua (District 3482), DG Chen Yu-Sen (District 3490), DG Hsu Hsu-Hui (District 3522), and DG Yang Yi-Lan (District 3523), collectively cheered on the runners. Additionally, Taipei City Mayor, Jason Hu, took time from his busy schedule to encourage the participants.

Moreover, Mr. Chang Jin-Yuan, the District Governor of Taipei Rotary 3521 and Chairman of Taiwan’s KeMei GAMA, sponsored the event by contributing numerous GAMA sports towels, as the “2026 Rotary International Convention” commences in Taipei.

Despite the rainy weather on the day, the enthusiasm at the scene remained undeterred. Mayor Jason Hu warmly welcomed all participants, praising the run as an extraordinary event and emphasizing how Rotary International injected more vitality and energy into Taipei.

Mr. Hsieh San-Lian, Chairman of the 2026 Rotary International Convention Host Organizing Committee, remarked, “The run is not just a sport but a passionate pursuit of life. Rotary club members and runners participating in the run showcase vitality and health through this means, symbolizing a collective pursuit of betterment.”

District Governor Yang Yi-Lan of District 3523 stated their commitment to continue promoting the Rotary spirit and social services in the future.

To encourage the runners, finishers received exquisite sports towels, medals, chicken essence, tea bags, and the opportunity to win one of the six iPhone15s and gift vouchers worth 30,000 NT dollars. Additionally, there were small-scale concerts and performances by Rotary club members, adding further vibrancy to the event. #2023RotaryTaipeiUrbanCreativeCharityRun #CharityRun #RotaryInternationalClub

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