Taiwan GAMA responded to the public welfare activities of Taiwan Tucheng Central Rotary Club and donated Taiwan’s first large-scale electric blood donation bus.

It was a wonderful day at the Tucheng District Rotary Club as we witnessed the donation of an E-Bus to the Taipei Blood Center. Gama Innovation Corp proudly participated in this special donation by  supporting the Taipei Blood Center (TBSF).

Additionally, Gama Innovation Corporation generously provided GAMA MX-Series Antibacterial premium-quality window films for use in the EV bus.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Rotary Club and TBSF for granting us the privilege of attending this ceremony and introducing electric vehicle buses for medical transportation in Greater Taipei.


This donation represents a significant step toward combating global warming and pollution, as it aligns with our commitment to creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly Taiwan.

The purpose of Rotary:
It is to encourage and cultivate the ideal of service as the foundation of a valuable career, with special emphasis on encouraging and cultivating:
Increasing understanding is an opportunity to expand services.
Raise moral standards in various businesses and professions; recognize the value of all businesses that benefit society. Every Rotarian should respect his own business in order to serve the society.
Each member can apply the ideal of service to his personal, business and social life.
By combining various businesses and professionals with service ideals, we can enhance international understanding, amity and peace through global friendship.
Taipei Blood Donation Center Vision:
Uphold integrity, harmony, efficiency and innovation
Based on the principle of sustainable development, it has become the leader in the source of safe medical blood in Taiwan.

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