Zeekr Launches in Israel, Elevating Geely’s Presence in Electric Mobility.

The Israeli passenger vehicle market witnessed the sale of 167,217 vehicles overall in the first half of this year, with 28,834 being fully battery-electric (BEV) cars, accounting for 17.2% of total sales. Geely, in second place in terms of brand market share, secured 15.6% of the BEV market, a substantial increase from its 2.7% share in the overall market. Building on this success, the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is introducing its Zeekr brand to Israel, marking a significant step in its global expansion.

Zeekr has partnered with Union Group, a leading auto distributor in Israel, to establish a sales network in the market. The brand’s models, Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X, will be available for presale in October, with deliveries commencing in November. The Zeekr X offers a real-world range of approximately 350-360 km, depending on the version, while the Zeekr 001 boasts an impressive 530 km range with its 94 kWh usable battery. In China, the Zeekr 001 features a remarkable 140 kWh Qilin battery from CATL and an impressive range rating of 822 km (511 miles).

Zeekr plans to offer a comprehensive ecosystem in Israel, ensuring an enhanced customer experience with seamless online purchasing, charging facilities, and over-the-air updates. The Union Group’s unit, GEO Mobility, will be responsible for the sales of Zeekr models in Israel, having already sold Geely Auto’s Geometry C, the top-selling BEV model in Israel in 2022.

Zeekr’s Vice President, Mr. Chen Yu, expressed optimism about the brand’s expansion in Israel, emphasizing the transition of the global automobile market to new energy mobility. The introduction of more BEV models in Israel is expected to maintain market momentum and further establish the country’s growing vehicle market as the ideal environment for Zeekr’s success.

Overall, the arrival of Zeekr in the Israeli market showcases the continuous growth of the electric vehicle segment in the country and adds excitement about the performance of Zeekr’s models in this evolving market.





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